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Expectations and prices:
In the competition are the CAC of the DOESC and VDH, which can be awarded in the intermediate, champion and open class, as well as the veteran CAC and the youth CAC of the DOESC and VDH. The placed dogs receive prizes.

Reporting requirements:
If the exhibitions can not be held for any reason, the exhibition regulations §29 VDH and §41 DOESC apply. There is no legal entitlement to entitlement or title. The exhibition is approved and protected by the VDH and DOESC. The exhibition regulations of FCI, VDH and DOESC apply. Only breed dogs that comply with the regulations of the exhibition regulations §4 Abs. 1 - 6 VDH and DOESC are admitted.

Start requirements for "Clubwinner Show":
Eligible to participate are all OES who have qualified in 2018 by a CAC or CAC-J or 4 placings with the grade score "excellent" at exhibitions of one of the FCI affiliated or recognized by her breed dog breeding associations at home or abroad.
For the Junior class is sufficient as qualification 1 placement with "excellent". If the dog is not yet 12 months old on the day of the club winner's show, 1 rating with "promising" from the puppy class and / or baby class are sufficient this year. Of course, all champions as well as the dogs of the baby, puppy and veteran class are eligible to start.
The qualification must be proven with the message.

All exhibited dogs must have a valid rabies vaccination.
Exhibition ban for dogs that are illegally copied.

The registration fees are to be paid in any case, even if the participation is omitted.

Please transfer the registration fee until March. 10, 2019 to the account of LG Bayern
You are also welcome to pay the registration fee locally, without surcharge
IBAN: DE9770 1500 0000 2511 6088 BIC: SSKMDEMM
Stadtsparkasse Munich

For proof of a championship you can send the documents, for example as a PDF file here on the website in the registration form to us. Of course, you can also send the documents as a copy by post to the exhibition management. The address can be found under "IMPRINT". For organizational reasons, unfortunately, we can not return the documents to you. We ask for your understanding.
The documents must arrive at the exhibition management until February. 24, 2019!